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NN/LM Pacific Southwest Region, UCLA Biomedical Library
12077 Center for the Health Sciences, Box 951798
Los Angeles CA , 90095

NLM Express

Contact: Kelli Ham and Other RML Staff
Contact: 310-825-1984 Fax: 310-825-5389 - Southern California and Arizona region
To stay relevant, librarians must keep up-to-date with resource enhancements and new services from the National Library of Medicine. This webinar series will provide a fast-track look at new and updated resources from NLM, including activities and scenario-based exercises for participants. Sessions will be conducted on a semi-regular basis, between 4-6 times per year. Each resource topic chosen will demonstrate the strengths of the particular resource and will provide strategies and tips for performing good searches.
CE Contact Hours: 1 • e-Learning, RML Offerings about Consumer Health, Disaster Preparedness, Electronic Resources, Expert Searching, NLM Databases, Reference Resources & Services, Subject Specific Resources, Technology/Systems
Lecture, Demonstration, Slides, Discussion, Hands-on Exercises, and Problem-based.

2017 University of Massachusetts and New England Area Librarian e-Science Symposium

Contact: Julie Goldman
Contact: 5088563048 - http://escholarship.umassmed.edu/escience_symposium/2017/ - North Atlantic region
To continue to enhance collaborative New England Region libraries’ support of e-science initiatives for their research institutions, the National Network of Libraries of Medicine, New England Region is hosting the University of Massachusetts and New England Area Librarian e-Science Symposium. This day-long event will serve as an educational and collaborative opportunity for science and health sciences librarians to discuss e-science resources, in addition to future roles that libraries and librarians might take on to support their institutions. The 2017 Symposium theme “Libraries in Data Science: Addressing Gaps and Bridges” will focus on collaborations and opportunities for librarians becoming involved in data science at their institutions. Attendees will hear a keynote from Kristi Holmes, Director Galter Health Sciences Library, Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University. Her keynote will focus on her library’s success involved in Northwestern University’s NIH Clinical and Translational Science Award. We hope this session will inspire and motive attendees to "think outside" the library and identify potential bridges for data services. Participants will be able to attend 2 planned sessions featuring collaborations libraries are currently involved in: Data Repositories Interactive Workshop, Andrew Creamer and Hope Lappen, Brown University; Education & Training Interactive Workshop, Sophie Hou, University Corporation for Atmospheric Research and Nancy Hoebelheinrich, Knowledge Motifs; Education & Training Presentation, Shea Swauger, University of Colorado – Denver; Institutional Models Presentation, Christine Malinowski and Phoebe Ayers, MIT. In the afternoon, there will be a moderated panel discussing the ways librarians and libraries can work with institutional partners (either on/off campus) to enhance data science. The panel will be moderated by Sally Gore, Research Evaluation Analyst, University of Massachusetts Center for Clinical and Translational Science. Participants on the panel include: Daina Bouquin, Head Librarian, John G. Wolbach Library, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics; Audrey Mickle, Data Librarian, Marine Biological Laboratory Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Library; Yvette N. Woell, Manager, Argonne Research Library, Argonne National Laboratory. Additionally, a poster session will be held, to highlight work in e-science that has been accomplished at various libraries in the region while also encouraging discussion and networking among event participants.
CE Contact Hours: 6 • Face to Face, Hands-on, RML Offerings about Archives/Institutional Repositories, Outreach/Advocacy, Research
Lecture, Demonstration, Slides, Panel Discussion, Discussion, and Hands-on Exercises.

Patient Safety: Librarian as Advocate [webpage]

Contact: Michelle Burda
Contact: - http://nnlm.gov/training/patientsafety/advocacy.html - All region
Materials on this webpage include a bibliography with articles focused on the value of the library; handouts including advocacy suggestions, where to connect within the institution, and resources medical librarians may offer in patient safety; and two PowerPoint Presentations entitled: Librarians Improving Health Care: Making a Difference and Patient Safety: Librarian as Advocate. Updated regularly.
Brochure**, Handout**, RML Offerings about Electronic Resources, Outreach/Advocacy

MedlinePlus for Health Professionals [tri-fold brochure]

Contact: Kelli Ham
Contact: 310-825-1984 - http://nnlm.gov/trifolds/mp4hptri.pdf - Southern California and Arizona region
Trifold brochure in PDF format focused on information in MedlinePlus of interest to health professionals including patient education resources, InformationRX, searching for images, and PubMed articles for patients. Also available as an adaptable brochure in Word (.doc, .docx)format. This resource is developed by the National Network of Libraries of Medicine (NNLM).
Brochure**, Handout**, RML Offerings about Consumer Health, Electronic Resources, NLM Databases
NN/LM Pacific Southwest Region, UCLA Biomedical Library
12077 Center for the Health Sciences, Box 951798
Los Angeles CA , 90095

Finding Health and Wellness @ the Library: A Consumer Health Toolkit for Library Staff, 2nd Edition (PDF and Print)

Contact: Kelli Ham
Contact: 310-825-1984 - http://www.library.ca.gov/lds/docs/healthtoolkit.pdf - Southern California and Arizona region
Description: The Toolkit is an essential resource for any library staff member who provides health information services to the public. The document is built on the foundation of eight core competencies that library staff should attain. Other sections in the toolkit include Health Resources, Consumer Health Services, Technology and Health 2.0, Workplace Wellness, and Resources for Serving Health Professionals. The Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to download, print and use this document. This resource is provided by the National Network of Libraries of Medicine Pacific Southwest Region(NN/LM PSR)and is hosted by the California State Library.
Handout**, RML Offerings, Other resources** about Assessment/Evaluation, Collection Development, Consumer Health, Electronic Resources, Management, New Librarian, NLM Databases, Outreach/Advocacy, Reference Resources & Services, Subject Specific Resources
NN/LM MAR Universtiy of Pittsburgh Health Sciences Library System
200 Scaife Hall
3550 Terrace Street
Pittsburgh PA , 15261

Are You Ready? Essential Disaster Health Information Resources for Keeping Your Loved Ones Safe

Contact: Michelle Burda
Contact: 412-624-1589 - http://nnlm.gov/training/areyouready/ - Pittsburgh region
This class covers NLM disaster health information and other emergency preparedness resources for librarians, community educators, families, friends and caregivers. Resources for special populations, those with special needs and culturally diverse communities will be the focus of the class.
CE Contact Hours: 1.0, 2.0 • e-Learning, Specialization, RML Offerings about Consumer Health, Disaster Preparedness, Reference Resources & Services, Subject Specific Resources
Demonstration, Slides, and Discussion.
National Network of Libraries of Medicine, Southeastern Atlantic Region
Health Sciences & Human Services Library, University of Maryland, Baltimore
601 W. Lombard St.
Baltimore MD , 21201

ABCs of DNA: Unraveling the Mystery of Genetics Information for Consumers

Contact: Terri Ottosen
Contact: - http://nnlm.gov/training/genetics/ - Mid-Atlantic region
This is an existing in-person class and approved for MLA CE for 4 hours. The online class through Moodle is approved for 8 MLA CE.
CE Contact Hours: 8 • Face to Face, e-Learning, Specialization, RML Offerings about Consumer Health
Lecture, Demonstration, Discussion, Sharing/Self-disclosure, and Hands-on Exercises.
University of Wyoming Libraries
1000 E. University Avenue
Dept. 3334
Laramie WY , 82071

DOCLINE: Lending and Borrowing

Contact: Jim Honour and Michelle Burda, Pat Devine, and Irene Williams
Contact: 307-766-6537 Fax: 307-766-2510 - http://nnlm.gov/mcr/education/docline.html - Midcontinental region
This 60 minute online class will provides an in depth look at Lending and Borrowing using DOCLINE. Participants will be provided with an introduction to Lending and Borrowing features in DOCLINE. They will be shown how to order copies of biomedical literature using a variety of methods being requested. Participant will also be shown how to fill requests that are made from their collection.
CE Contact Hours: 1 • e-Learning, Hands-on, RML Offerings about Technical Services
Lecture, Demonstration, and Hands-on Exercises.
NN/LM Southeastern Atlantic Region
601 W. Lombard St.
Baltimore MD , 21201

Beyond an Apple a Day: Providing Consumer Health Information at Your Library

Contact: Terri Ottosen
Contact: 410-706-2855 - http://nnlm.gov/training/apple/ - Southern region
This hands-on class will cover the health information seeking behavior of consumers and the role of the librarian in the provision of health information for the public. Come learn about the evolution of consumer health, health literacy and the e-patient. Participants will be equipped with knowledge of top consumer health sites, e-patient resources and collection development core lists. We will discuss creative ideas for health information outreach. The class will wrap up with an opportunity to explore effective marketing approaches and develop an elevator speech. Available as web-based as well as face-to-face. For the web-based version, (an online, asynchronous, instructor-led class using Moodle), contact Terri Ottosen via the Resource URL.
CE Contact Hours: 2, 3, 4, Online 8 • e-Learning, Hands-on, Specialization, RML Offerings, Chapter Offerings - This class is available in person and online • about Consumer Health
Lecture, Discussion, and Hands-on Exercises.
University of Kansas Medical Center
3901 Rainbow Blvd.
Kansas City KS , 66160

Using Data to Improve Clinical Patient Outcomes

Contact: Alicia Lillich
Contact: 9135887355 - Midcontinental region
This forum will provide an overview of current and potential uses of patient data to improve patient safety, quality of care and evidence-based practice. This event has two objectives: Participants will gain increased awareness of the role of data to improve healthcare delivery; and Participants will gain knowledge about emerging uses of clinical data mining to improve evidence-based practice. Librarian participants will have the opportunity to explore how they can contribute to the use of clinical data as evidence and what skills they can develop to support health care organizations in the use of data. Our keynote speaker and panelists will be announced shortly. Attendees will participate in a focused discussion during live interactive sessions that link presenters and participants.
CE Contact Hours: 5 • Face to Face, e-Learning, Hands-on, RML Offerings about Evidence Based Health Care, Health Care Informatics, Leadership, Research, Subject Specific Resources
Lecture, Panel Discussion, Discussion, Dialog, Sharing/Self-disclosure, and Hands-on Exercises.