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NN/LM Evaluation Office, UW Health Sciences Library
Health Sciences Library, Box 357155
Box 357155 University of Washington
Seattle WA , 98195-7155

Measuring What Matters to Stakeholders

Contact: Cynthia Olney and Jacqueline Leskovec, Beth Layton, Karen Vargas, and Michelle Eberle
Contact: 678-682-3864 - - All region
How can we get decision makers to understand the value that knowledge managers and information professionals bring to their organizations? Measuring what matters to key stakeholders is one step in the process. This workshop will provide a framework for defining and communicating meaningful measures and offer an opportunity for participants to sample some tools that will help them demonstrate how their services make a difference to the organization.
CE Contact Hours: 4 or 3 • Face to Face, Handout**, RML Offerings about Assessment/Evaluation, Management
Lecture, Slides, Discussion, Brainstorming, and Hands-on Exercises.
Texas A&M University Medical Sciences Library
TAMU MS 4462
Medical Sciences Library Room 171
College Station TX , 77843-4462

Systematic Reviews: The Role of the Librarian

Contact: Margaret Foster
Contact: 979-862-1893 - - South Central region
This course provides an introduction to systematic reviews with the focus on the role of the librarian, including practical advice, standards, and tools for each step of the review. This course was evaluated at MLA '11 and scored an overall course grade of 3.81 on a 4.0 scale. The mean score for all evaluated courses taught at MLA ’11 was 3.63 on a 4.0 scale.
CE Contact Hours: 6 • Face to Face about Expert Searching, Reference Resources & Services, Research
Lecture, Demonstration, Slides, Discussion, Brainstorming, and Case Study.
NN/LM PNR University of Washington
Box 357155
Seattle WA , 98195

Electronic Resources: Negotiations and Licensing

Contact: Patricia Devine and Helene Williams
Contact: 206-543-8275 - Pacific Northwest region
Medical and corporate libraries rarely have the luxury of multiple librarians or staff to manage the complex process of resource evaluation, price negotiation, and license wrangling. This session will present the basic concepts of online resource licensing and identify what terms can and should be negotiated or included. Strategies for working positively and productively with vendors will also be discussed. Students will have the opportunity to practice these concepts during the session, to build confidence for approaching these situations in the library setting.
CE Contact Hours: 4 • Face to Face about Electronic Resources
Lecture, Demonstration, Discussion, and Hands-on Exercises.
University of Washington
Box 357155
Seattle WA , 98195

Don’t Panic: You CAN find health statistics

Contact: Patricia Devine and Dagmara Chojecki and Liza Chan
Contact: 206-543-8275 - Pacific Northwest region
Finding health statistics can be daunting and time consuming. This course is designed to help guide the search for statistical information by providing participants with systematic approaches and effective methods. Participants will be introduced to a variety of statistics resources and their appropriate use. The session will consist of lecture, practical exercises, and hands-on searching. Participants are strongly encouraged to bring their own laptops but this is not an absolute requirement for participation (just preferred).
CE Contact Hours: 4 • Face to Face about Reference Resources & Services
Lecture, Discussion, Hands-on Exercises, and Case Study.
Weill Cornell Medicine Samuel J. Wood Library & C.V. Starr Biomedical Information Center
1300 York Avenue Room C-115
New York NY , 10065

Trials and Tribulations: Managing a Systematic Review Service

Contact: Diana Delgado and Sarah Jewell
Contact: 646-962-2550 - New York and New Jersey region
The goal of this workshop is to better prepare current or future managers of systematic review services to effectively run their services. Topics covered will include preparing staff to serve, defining the service, managing patron’s expectations, collection development, marketing the service, and evaluation of the service. Hands-on exercises will engage participants to role-play, develop documentation and policies to help run their services. Target audience is current or future managers of systematic review services. Advanced level of instruction, for those with some experience with systematic reviews already. Prerequisite: to have participated in one or more systematic reviews already.
CE Contact Hours: 6.5 • Face to Face, Hands-on, Chapter Offerings about Evidence Based Health Care, Management, Reference Resources & Services
Lecture, Slides, Discussion, Brainstorming, Role Playing, and Hands-on Exercises.
University of Michigan
1135 E. Catherine St. 5726
Ann Arbor MI , 48109-2038

Planning, Conducting & Publishing Research

Contact: Nancy Allee and Jo Dorsch
Contact: 734-936-1403 Fax: 734-936-1404 - Midwest region
This 4-hour course will provide an introduction to the research process with an emphasis on health sciences library settings. Participants will build their research skills by gaining an understanding of the processes involved in taking a project from initial idea creation to final publication. We will discuss identifying research design types and methodologies, generating ideas and formulating research questions, conducting literature reviews, evaluating research articles, gathering and analyzing data, and reporting of results. The course will also provide practical advice on how to get published in library science journals. Participants will leave with a proposal for planning, conducting, and publishing a research project at their own institution.
CE Contact Hours: 4 • Face to Face - MLA CE • about Publishing
Lecture, Demonstration, Slides, Discussion, Brainstorming, Hands-on Exercises, and Case Study.
St. Joseph's Healthcare System
Health Sciences Library
703 Main St.
Paterson NJ , 07503

HSLANJ Innovations Webinar Series

Contact: Madeleine Taylor
Contact: 973-754-3590 Fax: 973-754-3593 - - New York and New Jersey region
A webinar series highlighting innovations that Health Sciences Librarians of NJ (HSLANJ) librarians are initiating / have initiated in their libraries and services to patrons. The goal of this program is to share ideas, and spark creative ideas for future development to enable librarians to better serve their patrons’ needs. These may include posters or lightning presentations from library conferences to enable those who were unable to attend to receive the benefit of learning from the presenters. Some examples from our first webinar include library real-time chat linked from LibGuides at an academic library, and archiving of a hospital newsletter in the library OPAC.
CE Contact Hours: 1.5 • e-Learning about Archives/Institutional Repositories, Assessment/Evaluation, Electronic Resources, Health Care Informatics, Leadership, Management, NLM Databases, Outreach/Advocacy, Research, Teaching/Instruction, Technical Services, Technology/Systems
Lecture, Slides, Discussion, and Sharing/Self-disclosure.
Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library, University of Utah
10 N 1900 E
Bldg 589
Salt Lake City UT , 84112-5890

Engaging the 21st Century Learner: Best Practices & Classroom Management Techniques

Contact: Erin Wimmer
Contact: 801-587-9258 Fax: 801-581-3632 - Midcontinental region
In this interactive workshop, instruction librarians acquire useful knowledge and skills for engaging 21st century learners. Attendees have the opportunity to discuss, demonstrate and practice instructional development and delivery techniques through a variety of activities. The ability of library instructors to actively engage students is essential for improving learning outcomes and creating a more stimulating classroom environment. Attendees create a toolkit with shared teaching resources.
CE Contact Hours: 4 • Face to Face, Hands-on, Chapter Offerings about Teaching/Instruction
Lecture, Demonstration, Slides, Discussion, Dialog, Brainstorming, Sharing/Self-disclosure, and Hands-on Exercises.
Health Sciences Library System, University of Pittsburgh
200 Scaife Hall
3550 Terrace Street
Pittsburgh PA , 15261

Systematic Review Workshop: The Nuts and Bolts for Librarians

Contact: Mary Klem and Charles Wessel, Nancy Tannery, Ahlam Saleh, and Barbara Folb
Contact: 412 383-9947 Fax: 412 648-8819 - - Pittsburgh region
A panel of expert searchers, comprised of members of the HSLS Systematic Review Group, will provide attendees with a framework for the completion of a systematic review, with special emphasis on successful completion of the literature search process. Sessions will feature a mixture of small and large group discussion, interactive lectures, and hands-on exercises. Topics covered will include: 1) Understanding the structure and purpose of systematic reviews 2) The reference interview and communication issues 3) Approaches to comprehensive literature searching 4) Project organization This course is not designed to provide in-depth or advanced training in the searching of specific databases. Rather, participants will acquire an understanding of the theory and practice of systematic reviews and librarians’ role(s) in the systematic review process.
CE Contact Hours: 20 • Face to Face, Hands-on about Evidence Based Health Care, Expert Searching, Research
Demonstration, Slides, Discussion, Dialog, Brainstorming, Sharing/Self-disclosure, Role Playing, Hands-on Exercises, Case Study, and Other.
UCLA Biomedical Library
12-077 CHS, Box 951798
Los Angeles CA , 90095-1798

Making PubMed Work for You

Contact: Kay Deeney and Other RML Staff
Contact: 310-206-0525 Fax: 310-825-5389 - - All region
This class is intended to hone basic searching techniques and the ability to develop search strategies that will take advantage of the PubMed interface to MEDLINE. The course will explore various methods for searching the PubMed system. Topics covered include using MeSH and search qualifiers, limiting search results, and refining your search. This course will provide an indepth view of the system and demonstrate utilizing the features of PubMed to search effectively. The 3.5 version of the course provides the attendees with hands-on opportunities to practice their search techniques. This course is also offered for 2.5 hours without hands-on. The course is available as a three-week Web-based asynchronous class via Moodle for 3.5 CE credits.
CE Contact Hours: 2.5, 3.5, 3.5 online • Face to Face, e-Learning, Hands-on, RML Offerings about Consumer Health, Expert Searching
Demonstration, Slides, Discussion, and Hands-on Exercises.