Asking the Right Questions: Data Collection for Health Information Outreach

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NN/LM Evaluation Office, UW Health Sciences Library
Health Sciences Library
University of Washington Box 357155
Seattle WA , 98195-7155
United States
Cynthia Olney is the primary contact.
Phone: 678-682-3864
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Description: Good data collection tools follow three key principles. They aim to decrease perceived risk, increase perceived benefit, and decrease cost to respondents. This workshop shows you how to apply these principles in developing questionnaires and interviews. You also will learn that clear evaluation questions are the foundation of evaluation method design. They lay the groundwork for creating tools that collect the information you can use to develop, conduct, assess, and demonstrate the value of your projects. The teaching format combines lecture with interactive group exercises.

Experience Level: Beginning
CE Contact Hours: 4
Professional Competencies: Research + Analysis and Interpretation
Subject: Assessment/Evaluation, Consumer Health
Course Type: Face to Face

Educational Objective: Participants will know how to *Design data collection methods to match their program plans *Develop quality items for questionnaires *Questionnaire distribution methods to increase response rate *Develop interview question guides *Conduct interviews that will elicit useful information *Mix qualitative and quantitative methods in program evaluation


•	Introduction: Let the evaluation questions be your guide (45 minutes: Lecture followed by a large group exercise introducing effective practices for designing evaluation methods)
•	Quantitative Methods – Questionnaires  Learn tips for writing and distributing questionnaires that return credible data (60 minutes; lectures and individual exercise followed by group sharing)
•	Break (15 minutes)
•	Qualitative Methods: Learn how to design interview guides and conduct interviews that provide a manageable amount of interesting data (75 minutes; lecture and group exercise practicing interviewing using an Appreciative Inquiry interview guide.)
•	Integrating quantitative and qualitative methods in program evaluation (30 minutes. Lecture describing a mixed-method design that the OERC conducted.) 
•	Wrap-up (15 minutes) 

Need for This Course: The OERC frequently reviews questionnaires and other evaluation methods designed by staff from NN/LM member organizations. We see repeated mistakes in these tools that would have led to data that would have been difficult to interpret or to use for program development or improvement. The information in this work shop provides nuts-and-bolts information that will improve the skills of novice evaluators.

The instructional methods used include Lecture, Slides, and Discussion.

Participant Materials: Handouts

Facility Requirements: This class requires a room that allows both for lecture-style learning and small group discussion. Computer/projector/screen are needed. It should not be held in a computer lab.

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