10-Step Approach to Service Continuity Planning

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University of Pittsburgh
3550 Terrace Street
200 Scaife Hall
Pittsburgh PA , 15261
United States
Missy Harvey is the primary contact.
Phone: (412) 624-1619
Fax: (412) 624-1515
Resource URL: http://nnlm.gov/ep/10-stepsservice-continuity/
Region: Mid-Atlantic

Description: The service continuity training involves instructing medical librarians on the components of the NN/LM's Emergency Preparedness & Response Plan: 10-Step Approach to Service Continuity Planning. This class is divided into three sessions.

Experience Level: Beginning
Continuing Education Experience: None
CE Contact Hours: 5
Professional Competencies: Leadership and Management
Subject: Disaster Preparedness
Course Type: e-Learning

Educational Objective: The overall goal is that each participant will be able to identify the Ten Steps and using the suggestions in the NN/LM's Emergency Preparedness & Response Toolkit develop a continuity of service/disaster plan. * Ability to generate anecdotal information and determine risks for library * Development of written procedures for emergencies specific to their environment and later use those for staff training and drills * Identify services that would be most needed immediately following some kind of major service disruption (e.g. Interlibrary Loan, bibliographic searches, reference help) * Develop strategies for maintaining access to the core services remotely * Identify core resources that will be most needed after a disaster * Development of continuity of access plan and determine back-up power sources and access to resources * Determine core print resources in library and develop floor plan showing their location. * Be able to list unique resources and highly valued materials, such as institutional records, historical materials and artifacts * Develop list of unique resources and know salvage companies available in the area * Identify a partner library for back-up and know where to find Model Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and Mutual Aid Agreement (MAA) forms on the NN/LM EP&R Toolkit and know contact information for the NN/LM regional office.


Step 1: Assess risks 
Step 2: Protect yourself, your staff, and your patrons 
Step 3: Create procedures to ensure continuation of core services 
Step 4: Create procedures for remote access to core services and resources 
Step 5: Develop a mutual aid agreement with another library or network 
Step 6: Proactively plan for the rescue and recovery of your highly valued materials  
Step 7: Develop a communication plan 
Step 8: Know how to obtain outside assistance 
Step 9: Develop a PReP for service continuity 
Step 10: Be prepared at home

Need for This Course: NN/LM conducted a national assessment of emergency preparedness through a questionnaire administered to a random, national sample of network members, during the 2006-2011 Contract. The report found that 69% of responding Network members did not have an emergency preparedness and response plan and 63% indicated they did not have a continuity of services/operations plan. In response to the question “What types of support could NN/LM offer to make your library better prepared to respond to an emergency?,” 56% checked “Training in emergency preparedness and response” and 69% indicated “Assistance in developing continuity of services/operations plans.”

The instructional methods used include Lecture, Slides, Discussion, Brainstorming, Sharing/Self-disclosure, and Hands-on Exercises.

Facility Requirements: Internet access and telephone. Sessions will be presented online via Adobe Connect.

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