Chemicals, Drugs and Genetics Oh My!: Searching PubMed and Beyond

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Tony Nguyen is the primary contact.

Description: This specialized class will help improve your effectiveness in searching PubMed and related NLM and NIH databases for literature information on chemicals, drugs and genetics. The course begins with searching <a title="PubMed" href="">PubMed</a> for drug information with MeSH terms, Supplementary Concept Records (SCR), and Pharmacologic Actions (PA). Additional topics include searching related databases for drug information (Week 2), searching for chemicals and with chemical nomenclature (Week 3), and locating literature related to genetics and genomics (Week 4). This course assumes a strong working knowledge of PubMed including an understanding of automatic term mapping, the importance of reviewing the Details box after searches, and using the Advanced search page and the MeSH database. The course is available as a four-week Web-based asynchronous class via Moodle for 6.0 CE credits.

Experience Level: Intermediate
Continuing Education Experience: Experienced PubMed Searching
CE Contact Hours: 6
Professional Competencies: Health Sciences Information Services, Research + Analysis and Interpretation
Subject: Electronic Resources, Expert Searching, NLM Databases, Research
Course Type: e-Learning, RML Offerings - Moodle

Educational Objective: *Understand the between MeSH terms, Phamacologic Actions, and Supplementary Concept Records *Experience and understand when to use specific National Library of Medicine databases to search for chemical, drug and genetic information and literature *Work with literature resources related to genetic diseases and research *Identify related literature resources for additional learning


Four week course:
Week 1: MeSH Drug Connections (MeSH, Phamacologic Actions, Supplementary Concept Records, Subheadings) 
Week 2: Searching for Drug Information (TOXNET,, evidence-based drug resources, labels databases)
Week 3: Chemical Complications (PubMed searching, TOXNET chemical databases, PubChem Compound, ChemIDplus)
Week 4: Genetics Literature (NCBI Gene database, Genetics Home Reference, genetic diseases databases)

Need for This Course: Because drugs and chemicals are a specialized area, most librarians do not have training in this area. This course focuses on the specialized databases related to drugs and chemicals freely available from the National Library of Medicine and other NIH and Federal agencies.

The instructional methods used include Learning Videotape, Discussion, Sharing/Self-disclosure, Hands-on Exercises, Case Study, and Problem-based.

Participant Materials: Online Discussion forums, handouts, links to presentations

Facility Requirements: Internet access.

Additional Evaluation: The standard MLA CE evaluation will be used in addition to a suggestion section provided during the class time.

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