Measuring What Matters to Stakeholders

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NN/LM Evaluation Office, UW Health Sciences Library
Health Sciences Library, Box 357155
Box 357155 University of Washington
Seattle WA , 98195-7155
United States
Cynthia Olney is the primary contact.
Phone: 678-682-3864
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Description: How can we get decision makers to understand the value that knowledge managers and information professionals bring to their organizations? Measuring what matters to key stakeholders is one step in the process. This workshop will provide a framework for defining and communicating meaningful measures and offer an opportunity for participants to sample some tools that will help them demonstrate how their services make a difference to the organization.

Experience Level: Beginning
CE Contact Hours: 4 or 3
Professional Competencies: Leadership and Management
Subject: Assessment/Evaluation, Management
Course Type: Face to Face, Handout**, RML Offerings

Educational Objective: Students who complete this workshop will know how to: • Analyze the value that their libraries contribute toward the mission of the larger organization Identify services that will be most important to key library stakeholders • Build measurement into their strategic planning processes • Learn about tools that link activities to outcomes • Learn analytic strategies and tools to assess their contributions to their institutions • Communicate value through measurement results (The 3-hour version does not cover CBA/ROI and eliminates an exercise on elevator speeches)


Introduction and Class Overview (.25 hours)
Step 1: Know Your Stakeholders (.75 hours: Lecture and one class exercise) 
Step 2: Focus on Valuable Services (1.25 hours: Lecture and one class exercise)
Step 3: Highlight Value Through Evaluation (1.0 hours, Lecture and large group discussion)
Step 4: Spread the Word (.50 hours; Lecture, demonstration, and large group discussion)
Wrap-up and evaluation (.25 hours)

Need for This Course: Libraries continue to look for ways to communicate their value to decision-makers in the parent organization. Building the right measures into the library's strategic planning process provides an avenue for communicating the library's value.

The instructional methods used include Lecture, Slides, Discussion, Brainstorming, and Hands-on Exercises.

Participant Materials: -templates and worksheets for planning tools -references and links to evaluation resources -tips for using planning and measurement tools

Facility Requirements: Equipment: Laptop computer, projector, screen, microphone, Supplies: flip chart paper with easel, colored markers Room arrangement: classroom style (This class does not work well in a computer lab setting.)

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